10 Stocking Stuffers for a Woodsman

What Stocking Stuffers should I get for a Woodsman?

” No matter what, no matter where, if it means going down to the Panama isthmus, if it means climbing up to the top of Pike’s Peak, I’ll find the right tree, if it takes us a week!” – Papa Bear, Berenstain Bears

We all know somebody that puts the other men to shame in Movember with his perfect beard. He most likely belongs to the local beer of the month club. He makes flannel looks good and has an undeniable wool sock collection. For a woodsman, we recommend stocking stuffers to keep his beard in tip-top shape, organic hygiene products, and anything local or craft beer related. Check out our finds below.

  1. Beard Trimmer

2. Suspenders

3. Beard Oil

4. Beard Comb

5. Items that are Red & Black Plaid


6. Organic Hygiene Products

7. Matches

8. Craft Beer or The Beer Bible

9. Glasses made for Craft Beer

10. Wool Socks

Other Fun Items:


Family Christmas Traditions: Cut down your own Christmas Tree | Stocking Stuffers Guide www.stockingstuffersguide.comFun Family Tradition Idea

Go out to a local Christmas Tree farm and search for that special Christmas tree that you can cut down yourself. Make it a family affair and take lots of photos. Make sure that you measure the tree will fit inside your house. The trees are always much larger when you get them home, in comparison to being in the Christmas Tree field. The tree will bring a breath of fresh air to your house and give it that authentic Christmas feel. Every tree has it’s flaws, but will look beautiful when decorated inside of the house. 

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