12 Stocking Stuffers for a Business Man

What stocking stuffers should I get for a business man?

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.” – Meredith Willson

If the man in your life is a man of business, look for practical and timeless stocking stuffer gifts.  If he wears a suit, you can’t go wrong with items such as cuff links, a tie, or socks. Another great gift is a quality fountain pen. If you want to make these stocking stuffers extra special, look at getting them engraved or personalized. If his business brings him out to the golf course, look into golf balls and tees that can slip easily into a stocking. A more expensive gift could be a gift certificate to a men’s barber shop that specializes in a good clean shave. Check out our list below to see some other stocking stuffers for the business man in your life.

1. Cuff Links

2. Tie

3. Fountain Pen

4. Fountain Pen Ink

5. Golf Balls or Tees

6. Shaving Gel

7. Razor

8. Phone Clip

9. Portable Phone Charger

10. Blue Tooth

11. Dress Socks

12. Scotch Rocks


Fun Family Tradition Idea

Go out with your significant other to a local restaurant, the more festive the better! Get a specialty holiday drink they created. Perhaps a peppermint martini or an Irish coffee, if you don’t drink then a hot chocolate or specialty latte.  Sit on the same side of the table and snuggle up with each other and enjoy a lovely evening. When your done, write “Merry Christmas,” on the receipt and tip your waiter double what you normally would. 

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