25 Stocking Stuffers for Boys

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly. ― Andy Rooney

What Stocking Stuffers should I get for a Boy?

What are the best stocking stuffers for a boy? There are lots of fun things for boys. There are widgets, trinkets, candy and treats; gloves for his hands and socks for his ssg2feet. Check out the list we put together that any boy would like. You may also like 11 Christmas Games for Family Night or a Christmas Party.

Free PDF stocking stuffers for a boy


1. Five One Dollar Bills

2. Play-doh

3. Bugs that inflate in water – These usually come in a small plastic capsule.

4. Legos

5. Hot Wheels

6. Playing Cards

7. Earbudsboysstockingstuffer

8. i-Tunes Credits – For music or games

9. $5-10 dollar Gift Cards (Toy’s R Us, I-Tunes, McDonalds)

10. Collector Cards (Pokemon, etc.)

11. Minecraft Collectibles

12. Favorite Candies

13. Nerf Guns

14. Bouncy Balls

15. Gag Gifts (Found at Most Dollar Stores)

16. Whoopee Cushion

17. Action Figures

18. Stuffed Animals

19. Novelty Candy like a Super Big Gummy Bear

20. Large Candy Cane

21. Skylander Action Figures

22. Batteries

23. Books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Other Books you can Pair with Treats

24. Puzzles

25. Bubble Bath




christmaslightscavengerhunt“Grab Your Hot Cocoa

The Funs about to Start

We’re going on a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

And being together is the Best Part! “

 – StockingStuffersGuide.com

o on a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. You can pack everyone in one car, or split up into teams to spend some one on one time with each other.  After it gets dark, go for a drive around your neighborhood or a neighborhood that puts on a good light show. Enjoy the time trying to find everything on the list. You can use our free printable list or you can make your own. If you make your own get everyone involved.  Sit around the table and each pick two or three things you must find, like a house with all white lights, Santa’s reindeer, or a tree lit from top to bottom.


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