Freebies & Christmas Cheer

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Tis’ the season of cheer, family and celebrating.  Here are a few ideas for family fun this festive season. Just pick one, or pick them all. These are easy little ways to enjoy the time we have with one another.

    • Drink Hot Chocolate – This is a gimme for the holiday season. You can opt for the premixed kind, or you can whip up a batch yourself. An easy recipe for Hot Chocolate: Warm up some milk, add Hershey’s syrup to desired taste, top with whipped cream or cool whip, finish a light kiss of with sprinkles, peppermint, or chocolate shavings.
    • Go on a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – Don’t let cold weather coup you up! Gather the family and set out on a Christmas Light Scavenger hunt. This will sure to be a hit with kids. (P.S. No Cell Phones! Part of the Magic is exploring new places!)
    • Watch a Classic Christmas Movie – A classic, classic, such as Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, or It’s a Wonderful Life. If it’s your first time watching you may be surprised how hard it is to stop. Christmas afternoon is nice time to cozy up after late Mass, Family Gatherings, or an Early Morning with kids. If you can light the fire place and gather round. Reminisce on how simple life used to be.
    • Bake Christmas Cookies – Bake them, Share them, Eat them. Let’s all get plump together. There is always January to resolve any extra weight gain.  If you have little ones, let them help with the process; stir, mash, or decorate. There is going to be a mess, enjoy it. In what Christmas Ad so you ever see a clean counter? It always looks like powdered sugar exploded.  Sometimes the perfect cookie has little imperfections, but will always be a hit with grandparents alike.
    • Wrap Presents and Make bows – This may be a given at the holidays, but perhaps one little thing will make the utmost difference… drumroll please, start early. There is something to be said about going into December having all your gifts acquired. You can take the time to wrap them and decorate them and enjoy the process, instead of dreading the labor. Check out our free Christmas and Stocking Stuffer Lists to help you Start Early!
    • Pick out a Christmas Tree­­­­ – This can be such a fun family adventure. If you can go on a day that’s not super busy at local Christmas Tree Farm. Snap some photos. If you’re going for the first time, you may be there for awhile. Enjoy it. Laugh as you here other family’s bickering about finding the right tree. It’s all part of the process. It will look great when you get it back to the house and decorated!

“The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!” – Charles N. Barnard

      • Read by the fireplace – The holiday season is busy. Take some quite time and read a book by the fireplace. If you don’t have one scout out a local coffee shop that might. If they don’t then enjoy a peppermint latte and the ambiance the shop has to over. Take a minute to slow down and breathe it in.

    • Make Cinnamon Rolls – These are great for Christmas Morning. They make the house smell amazing and just take a few minutes in the over. The pre-made ones are great! Heat, glaze, enjoy.
    • Decorate the House – Go crazy or just add a few strings of light. If you get a fresh cut Christmas tree, it is going to look and feel like Christmas no matter what.
    • Take a Family Photo –  Snap a photo in front of the tree, or go and get a professional picture taken. It doesn’t matter the what, all that matters is the who!
    • Pick out New Christmas Jammies – Make it a family affair. Get the whole family new Christmas Jammies. Give them as a gift on December 1st so they can be enjoyed the whole month. Try wrapping them or hiding them for the family members to find.
    • Build a Snowman – “Do you want to Build a Snowman?” Elsa is not the only one who should be be building snowmen this year. Bundle up and get out there and build a snowman. The snow packs best after it has been misty. Dress him up with a carrot nose and two eyes made out of coal.
    • Go Ice Skating – Take advantage of cold weather sports. If you don’t have skates rent them! If you can find an outdoor rink even better. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your not very good!
    • Listen to Christmas Music – Compile a list of all of your Christmas Favorites. Put them on while your wrapping presents or having a family dinner.

“A Christmas candle is a lovely thing;It makes no noise at all, But softly gives itself away.” – Eva Logue

    • Light Christmas Candles – Light a christmas candle to take you back to Christmas memories. If you find a scent you like, buy in bulk. You will feel nostalgic as you light it year after year.
  • Mail out Christmas Cards – Send some love and well wishes for the holidays. Put a little personal note or photo inside of your Christmas Cards.

Free Printable Christmas Bucket List (PDF)