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25 Best Stocking Stuffers for a Woman

“What Stocking Stuffers Should I get a Woman?”

We complied a list of 25 items that will make for great stocking stuffers. Let the larger items peek out of the top of the stocking, like Godiva Chocolate, hair spray, or lotion. Place the smaller items in the toe of the stocking.  Check out our list for gifts she is sure to love!

25 Best Stocking Stuffers for a Woman

1. Chocolate – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. A girl’s [second]  best friend.

2. Candles – Vanilla is a very popular scent. When in doubt, go with vanilla.

3. Lotions

4. Body Wash – Get an everyday body wash or chose to get something special, like a Bath and Body Works, or Victoria’s Secret.


5. Photo Album – Look for small ones at the dollar store or look into having a custom album made through a specialty website. A lot of times these websites will have special bonus offers where you can get it for free or heavily discounted.

6. Hair Clips or Pony Holders – Often you can find name brands at the dollar store. This is an easy add on to any stocking.

7. Hair Spray – Pick up a full or travel size.

8. Make-up – Try for a specialty Christmas makeup palette. Lip glosses, balms, and nail polishes are also great because they are usually universally complementary.

9. Target or Starbucks Gift Card – “I don’t like Target,” Said no woman ever. 

10. Earrings – An easy way to bling up a stocking. Great to stuff down in the toe of the stocking.

11. Pictures of Family – Turn a favorite family photo into a cute refrigerator magnet or have her favorite photos printed. With everything digital, photos often get lost and to soon forgotten.

12. Spa Gift Certificate – Book a message or facial to a local spa resort for a day of pampering. Include a menu of services so she can see what treat she is in for.

13. Gloves – Warm winter wear. Get the ones with the tech finger so she can access her smart phone without having to remove her gloves.

14. Coffee Mug – This would be a great gift from a Husband to his Wife for a little marital humor.


15. Magazine – Pick up her favorite copy at any newsstand or convince store. Attach a chocolate bar (Did you see #1?!).

16. Necklace – Get something special or look for Costume Fashion Jewelry. If she likes jewelry, this will sure be a hit!


17. Something Homemade From the Kids – Possibly the best stocking stuffer ever. Something made with care and love from the kids. It’s something she will treasure forever.

18. Essential Oils – These come in a variety of scents. The different varieties are great for different things such as headaches, stress, relaxation, etc.

19. Charms or Bracelet, Popular brands are Alex and Ani, and Pandora. You can also find charms at many different stores, such as Hallmark. The great thing about these; they are the gift you can keep giving! They are great for layering or adding to.

20. Phone Case – A new phone case for an Android or iPhone.

21. Socks 

22. Razors

23. Perfume – There is a reason every Christmas season your tv starts airing an  overwhelming amount of perfume commercials, it’s a popular gift! More often then not, the person we are buying for already has a signature scent. This is a no brainer! Often around Christmas time you will find most fragrance packages come with additional free gifts. These free gifts make great stocking stuffers too!

24. Bath Bombs – Kick up bath time by adding a bath bomb that will create a wonderful smell and fizz up the bath tub.

25. Book – Lots of new books come out in time for the Christmas season. Pick up a paperback that can be slipped into the stocking. Add a complementary book mark for an additional stocking stuffer. Don’t’ forget to add a special note to the book!

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