Popular Ideas for Christmas – Stocking Stuffers & Other Gifts

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
― Charles Dickens

Best Everyday Stocking Stuffers for Men and Women

The cost of stuffing a stocking can quickly add up . To help avoid overspending on stocking stuffers take a few minutes to come up with how much you want to spend, but most importantly,  stick to your budget. Look for items that are practical. These are items that money would eventually be spent on, like personal hygiene products and everyday items. If you would like help with budget planning,  check out our Free Budget Tool. Otherwise, lets get started.

25 Practical Stocking Stuffers 

    1. 25practicalBody Wash
    2. Tweezers
    3. Nail Clippers
    4. Nail Files
    5. Q-Tips
    6. Socks
    7. Underwear
    8. Mints
    9. Gum
    10. Energy Drinks
    11. Candies
    12. Snacks
    13. A Giant Candy Cane
    14. Brush
    15. Styling Products
    16. Deodorant
    17. Razor
    18. Razor Blades
    19. Shampoo
    20. Conditioner
    21. Face wash
    22. Tooth Brush
    23. Tooth Paste
    24. Chap stick
    25. Lotion

15 Stocking Stuffers for a Baby
15 Stocking Stuffers for a Baby
25 Stocking Stuffers for a Woman
25 Stocking Stuffers for a Woman

25 Stocking Stuffers for a Girl


 Why do we Hang Stockings? 

Hanging a stocking for Santa Claus has been a long standing tradition in the U.S. and around the globe. Throughout the world there are different variations of why we started to hang Christmas stockings. One popular tale suggests that the tradition started with a poor, widowed father who had three young daughters. Legend states because he had no money, he could not provide a dowry. This meant that his girls could never be properly married. A man, St. Nicholas, heard this news and secretly wanted  to help. So that is just what he did.  One night he tossed three bags of gold into the widowed father’s house (the story varies by window and by fire place). One of the bags landed into a stocking that was hung by the fireplace to dry.  After hearing the news, other children began leaving their stockings out in hopes for it to be filled. Traditionally, the hung stockings were filled with small toys, trinkets, candy, fruits and nuts. While the gifts have changed over the years,  many people still follow this tradition of leaving stockings hung out on Christmas Eve to be filled by old Saint Nick.  

25 Stocking Stuffers for a Girl

Popular Christmas Stockings

In the early days of this tradition it would be a person’s sock that was hung to be filled. Over time, the Christmas stocking has evolved and we have come to know and love many different styles and types. One of the more popular ones being the red boot with white lining usually made of a felt or cotton type material. Today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of variations of Christmas Stockings available.


25 Stocking Stuffers for a Boy
25 Stocking Stuffers for a Boy
25 Stocking Stuffers for Men www.stockingstuffersguide.com
25 Stocking Stuffers for Men

Best Stocking Stuffers Guide 2016

Even though each year has 365 days, Christmas is always quick to roll around. It can be a last minute scramble to get gifts together, especially for those stockings! Whether you hang your stockings above the fire place or along the stair case, we have lots of ideas for you to fill them! How you fill your stocking depends on your tradition. If you are looking to keep your budget to a minimum check out our list below of everyday items that can be put into a stocking. We have also complied many ideas for Women, Men, Kids, Babies, and Pets. Have fun looking at the Christmas Cheer we have throughout the site and we hope to get you started on finding the best stocking stuffers for Christmas!

25 Practical Stocking Stuffers www.stockingstuffersguide.com

77 Christmas Traditions


“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” – Charles Dickens


Fun Family Tradition Idea

Give the gift of service. Visit a local food bank and drop off canned goods or help serve dinner to those in need. It will be a humbling experience both for children and adults alike. While you will be helping those in need, you will also appreciate the things you have and food you have been afforded to eat. Even if we may have little, or desire more, there is always someone else with less. The Gift of Service is a wonderful way to spread Christmas Cheer.


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